Electronic Discovery

Electronic Discovery

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From e-mail messages and word processing documents to spreadsheets and computer files, there is an ever-growing amount of information that today’s organizations create and store. And when faced with an electronic discovery request, it can be an overwhelming task to collect, filter, process, and produce this information without the right assistance.
Fortis Data draws from its proven processes and leading-edge technologies to help you seamlessly navigate the electronic discovery process. This starts with ensuring that the parameters of your project are clearly defined.
From there, our project managers will work with our legal and technical experts to collect the necessary information as your project necessitates—ensuring that the path to your information is as efficient as it is effective.

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Given the amount of data organizations must manage and store, extracting only the most essential information is a critical first step in the discovery process. Because over-collection of data can drastically increase processing and review costs, Fortis Data project management team works closely with you to clarify exactly what you need before collection begins.

From identifying the active and relevant data to developing a defensible and documented filtering strategy, you’re part of the process at every turn. Using myriad parameters (de-duplication, near-duplicate identification, e-mail threading, system/application file removal (de-NIST), keywords, date ranges, file types, and custodians), we cull the total data volume to remove irrelevant data and all known system or application files. We can also use your searching criteria to pre-filter potentially privileged documents, refine searches, and re-run queries to produce the exact evidence your case requires.